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Have you recently upgraded your IT platform? Or have your IT assets come to the end of warranty but are still in good working order? There is a good chance these assets hold value on the second hand user market and Strateg1c Solutions can obtain the best possible financial return for clients. Strateg1c Solutions assumes data security and environmental liabilities associated with removing obsolete technology.
Our Mission
Our mission is to look at a business as an integrated, cohesive whole by bringing a strategic mindset to everything we do. We create solutions by examining and defining the right questions and ultimately providing unrivalled consulting services which will help accomplish your company’s strategic objectives. We work with organizations across the private, public and social sectors. Our scale, scope, and knowledge allow us to address problems that no one else can. We have deep functional and industry expertise from electronics, packaging and consultation solutions. We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients and, often, to the world.


Strateg1c Solutions issues certificates of data destruction and environmental recycling as the final step of the recycling process..

Our Services

Strateg1c Solutions can obtain the maximum return on investment through remarketing your End-of-Use (EOU) IT equipment and electronic assets to a global network of buyers.


Strateg1c Solutions has partnerships with licensed OES recyclers across Canada to handle items that do not retain any practical resale value.

About Us

Strateg1c Solutions industry is an organization that oversees the responsible reuse and safe recycling of waste electronics through its network of approved collection sites across the province. The program was developed in co-operation with Waste Diversion Ontario under the Waste Diversion Act, 2002. Unwanted electronics should never end up in landfills. Most of the parts – steel, glass, copper, aluminum, plastics and precious metals – can be recovered and made into new products. Also, lots of electronic equipment like computers, printers, and televisions can be reused, further cutting down on waste.

We take data, product prototypes and product recalls very seriously. We ensure all electronics are processed in a secure and confidential manner. From our proprietary drive lockbox system to our secure shredding process, your intellectual property will be protected. You can even watch, from the comfort of your desk, as your items are destroyed with our online digital video verification system. Strateg1c Solutions understands corporate requirements relating to data confidentiality and privacy.




Quality Services

Strateg1c Solutions offer a comprehensive Asset Management service and we remove the hassle of handling IT equipment and electronic assets. Acceptable Items List

  • Logistics
  • Asset decommissioning and reporting
  • Asset remarketing
  • Asset clean and detag for remarketing
  • Storage of assets for future deployment

E-Waste Removal

  • We safely and securely remove old computers, phone systems, cabling, and other office electronic waste from our clients’ premises. We can do warehouse cleanouts as well. Our team of experts will arrive on-time and  quickly and efficiently get the job done.


While we do not directly handle computer and electronics recycling ourselves, we have partnerships with licensed OES recyclers across Canada to handle items that do not retain any practical resale value. Our relationships allow us in most situations to recycle your items at no cost to you.

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