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Leading Providers of Technology Services

Logistics Management

Strateg1c Solutions has leveraged its relationships with key customers, transportation and delivery companies.

Proactive Customer Care

This process focuses on the development and implementation of a custom-designed process to enable direct customer contact

Asset Recovery

When old or defective products are returned, they often contain components that can be refurbished and reutilized.

E-Waste Removal

We safely and securely remove old computers, phone systems, cabling, and other office electronic waste from our clients premises.

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

Strateg1c Solutions efforts include aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and suppliers.

Energy and Carbon reduction

Achieved a 21.6% reduction in utility consumption.

Financial Services

Diverted 20% of our waste from landfills through recycling and reuse.

Environmental Engagement

Developed best practices to improve employees recycling efforts. Strateg1c Solutions has never been penalized for any environmental issues or misconduct.