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Strateg1c Solutions industry is an organization that oversees the responsible reuse and safe recycling of waste electronics through its network of approved collection sites across the province. The program was developed in co-operation with Waste Diversion Ontario under the Waste Diversion Act, 2002. Unwanted electronics should never end up in landfills. Most of the parts steel, glass, copper, aluminum, plastics and precious metals can be recovered and made into new products. Also, lots of electronic equipment like computers, printers, and televisions can be reused, further cutting down on waste.

We take data, product prototypes and product recalls very seriously. We ensure all electronics are processed in a secure and confidential manner. From our proprietary drive lockbox system to our secure shredding process, your intellectual property will be protected. You can even watch, from the comfort of your desk, as your items are destroyed with our online digital video verification system. Strateg1c Solutions understands corporate requirements relating to data confidentiality and privacy..

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